Marqués de Riscal

Fermentation and pump control room for 151 tanks. Malolactic fermentation control for 76 deposits. Riscal is our flagship. Frank O’GEHRY´s overwhelming architecture makes this project unique and more than 80.000 visitors a year confirm the worldwide fame and excellence of this winery.

Abadía Retuerta

Supervision and control are the basis of the winery´s success. Each wine elaboration is used as the basis for improvements the following year. Humidifying the barrels room, acclimatising the store room, bottle racks, stabilisation at low temperatures, etc.


Production of cold water, hot water, air conditioning, wine stabilization, fermentation temperture control. A project by Chus MANZANARES. Wines elevated to their maximum potential and expression. Care of the vineyard, the art of production.

Propiedad de Arinzano

Rafael Moneo´s architectural austerity for one of the families with greatest tradition in the sector. Cold, heat, control, firefighting systems, water reatment, inertisation, etc.

El Coto de Rioja

Kilometres of pipes communicating different warehouses and processes. Seven control stations. Fermentation, automated wine ducts, automated bottling … elements required by a great and traditional winery from La Rioja.

Emilio Moro

It is a pleasure to work with one of the greatest veteran families in the Rivera del Duero. Working closely with multiple generations we have achieved and innovated all kind of production processes. In addition to the classic ones, cold, heat, control, acclimatisation and humidification of barrel rooms, … we have installed continuous reading and measuring of RedOx levels to determine the micro / macro oxygenation practices required for the perfect wine elaboration.


A vinery that transfers between its installation over one million litres of wine daily, requires a high degree of precision in its calculations and processes to ensure maximisation of production effort. The largest wine stabilisation plant in Europe. Termolisation, pasteurisation, automatic and continuous dosage …

Pago de Vallegarcía

We completed the full installation of D. Alfonso CORTINA´s vinery in Montes de Toledo. Wines of high expression. Installation included systems for: harvest refrigeration, wine stabilisation, automatic pumping, fermentation temperature control, vintage wines room acclimatisation, private wine racks, warehouse, humidification of barrel rooms,


When the family “Faustino” set up in the Ribera del Duero decides to contract Norman Foster to build its architectural icon. Cold, super cold, heat , control…. a hole balance of functional installations with the minimum maintenance , easy access and difficult development.

Sommos (Irius)

The vineyard integration over the overwhelming Jesús Mariño architecture. Plants for the wine stabilisation at low temperatures, heat, control, acclimatising, barrel room humidifying and bottle racks. Elaboration in wooden, concrete and stainless steel tanks. Recover system of the lost bouquets during the fermentation. Virtual control. Pure technology